Understand the importance of timing belt in automobiles


For the engine to work properly, all components must move continuously and in a coordinated manner. Keeping the engine components working in sync is dependent on the timing belt. You may become stranded if it breaks or slips, preventing your engine from working properly. To ensure that your timing belt is in good working order, a professional mechanic should inspect it regularly as a part of routine vehicle maintenance.

The correas dentadas probably plays a significant role in the performance of your engine, which is something that many drivers do not realize.

To achieve optimal performance, it synchronizes the operations of the engine. Using the timing belt, the lower half of the engine, the crankshaft, and pistons, are connected to the upper half, the camshafts, intake, and exhaust valves. The two halves run at the same time.

When the car is driven, the timing belt is gradually stretched as a result of heat and stress. When the belt begins to stretch and deteriorate, the teeth begin to wear out, which can eventually result in it “slipping” or breaking altogether. If the camshaft slips or breaks, the camshaft’s position can be affected, which has a very low tolerance. Within the engine, the pistons and valves can come into contact with one another, resulting in extremely expensive and big damage.

correas dentadas

It is likely that if this important component were to wear out or break while you were driving your vehicle, the engine would come to a sudden halt and you may have to coast to a stop. In essence, you are stuck in any place and will need to call a tow truck to get your vehicle to a mechanic. You will lose both time and money if your belt fails.

Regularly inspecting your belt by a mechanic who specializes in maintaining your brand of vehicle will prevent it from slipping or breaking. Performing routine maintenance will prevent potential problems. It can be quite costly to repair damages that caused by broken or slipping timing belt.

The correas dentadas are usually hidden beneath protective covers and are not readily visible. To determine whether it needs to be replaced, you will need the help of a certified mechanic. Timing belts are often used to drive the water pump, so you usually have to remove the timing belt to replace the water pump. Water pumps are often replaced along with belts to prevent the need for another time-consuming repair if the water pump fails.

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