Is it safe to invest in a mutual fund, especially in SIP?

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Mutual funds are financial instruments where investors can make a lump sum investment in a diversified portfolio (stocks, bonds, assets) with the help of professionals in finance and the market who will manage the portfolio on your behalf. They mean to secure higher income and profit for the investor.

Some of us don’t want to do a lump sum investment in such a mutual fund where you give away the control to invest to someone else, for the SIP (Systematic Investment Planning) is the convenient financial instrument where you invest in low amounts regularly in a systematic way. It can be termed as the safer way of investing in mutual funds.

Tips and benefits of mutual funds

But still, some may wonder, are these types of investments a safe option? Well, yes. First of all, your portfolio is maintained by professionals to achieve higher benefits.
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Secondly, you don’t have to constantly worry about market fluctuations; you can sit back, relax and do your work, and let these professionals handle the constant screening of the market. And finally, there are many forms of mutual funds and SIP with certain aims and benefits such as a safe growth option, a mutual fund with a high-risk profile, or SIP with a long-term investment plan which gives you the technical edge you may lack in your expertise.

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These benefits make investing in mutual funds and SIP a convenient option and yes, these banks and NBFC who provide the mutual fund plans are under constant surveillance of SEBI who approves every mutual fund and SIP plan and ensures that no misconception or fraud takes place, they constantly audit and review the policy structure.

Yet, these mutual funds are subjected to market risk. So in terms of returns, investors need to be careful.

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