Practical things to know about company personnel selection

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Finding the right talent for our company is critical to its future growth. How do we know if we are doing it correctly? What does this have to do with hiring new employees? Learn how to improve candidate analysis, screening, and selection. Personnel selection is the process of selecting your ideal employee from among the applicants. It is the period that begins with contact with the candidate and ends immediately after recruitment. The personnel selection process varies greatly from one empresas de seleccion de personal en madrid to the next because they are not all looking for the same thing or have the same organisational culture.

A personnel selection process’s requirements

The concept of the personnel selection process refers to the entire selection process, that is, all of the stages that the candidate must go through in order to be hired. That being said, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • The Human Resources department must determine and correctly plan the process. In fact, many companies make it a requirement in their hiring policies.
  • The Human Resources director organises all phases to determine what is desirable for a candidate while remaining aligned with the company’s strategy.
  • Although the general process is marked by the director, this does not preclude the technician from exercising some discretion.

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  • Follow the empresas de seleccion de personal en madrid overall strategy, if the company has decided to focus on a more aggressive sale that year, it may affect the type of seller sought and, as a result, the selection process.
  • Maintain consistency in your job, it is obvious that one type of employment is not the same as another. Assessment centres, among other things, are more useful for some positions due to their practicality. Furthermore, the skills required vary enough to change the process.
  • The first process is to pick among the aspirants, which is done through a resume review. In general, you will choose a few candidates over the others based on the job offer requirements. However, if the amount of candidates is large, consider adding some additional criteria.
  • When the number of candidates is reduced, the next phase of mobile phone pre-screening is initiated.
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    As is customary, the questions are used to verify the technical requirements. But here’s where the exception comes in, for certain positions, a series of remote exercises are required. It is clear that they have already verified the applicant’s technical suitability, what stays are the skills.

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