Precaution has to be taken to prevent accidents caused by corrosive liquids

A flammable liquid is one that has a flash point greater than 100 °F (38°C) and requires special almacenamiento de líquidos corrosivos. A few examples of corrosive liquids include diesel, petrol, and motor oil.

A liquid with a flash point under 100°F is considered flammable. That includes gasoline, acetone, toluene, diethyl ether, and alcohols. These may produce ignitable vapors at normal ambient temperatures.

Open-air Relocatable Separate Stores

Storing flammable liquids inside carries excessive risks to the people and equipment of your organization. To reduce the risk, the capacity of interior storage cabinets was reduced to 850L. This restriction protects businesses that keep larger quantities of flammable liquids outside.

Transfer the movable supplies to outdoor areas with corrosive liquid storage services. So, those areas are used to store flammable liquids outdoors. Outdoor relocatable separate supplies, also known as Class 3 Flammable Liquid storage containers, usually range from 80L to 10,000L in capacity.

The flammable storage cabinets are similar to outdoor storage. These outdoor containers are focused on a range of necessities as per their project and construction, leakage restraint capacity, and drying.

Inspección Reglamentaria de instalaciones y almacenamiento de productos químicos (APQ) - Eurocontrol

These permitted vessels feature the essential panels to decrease the hazards related to the outdoor almacenamiento de líquidos corrosivos.

Grounds on flammable liquid storage services that are part of the leakage catchment arrangement must be resistant and not responsible for devastation or incentive flashing.


The outdoor flammable liquid storage must be provided with tolerable natural or mechanical ventilation to accommodate the type of Class 3 flammable liquids that are stored.

The ventilation arrangements are intended to be enough to guarantee that all vapors and smoke produced inside the stock area are weakened and removed by air passing over the store.

Due to the risk of explosion with flammable vapors, the ventilation of the store is an important security concern. However, we recommend directing a hazard valuation at your site to understand if your flammable cabinet needs mechanical ventilation.


  • Ensure that all stockpiled containers are in good condition, locked and suitably labeled.
  • Use flammable liquids and explosive liquids in a smoke cover to prevent accumulation of flammable vapor mixtures or inhalation of toxic vapors.
  • Avoid placing ignition sources in the common locality. If possible, replace open flames with electrical heating.
  • Ground equipment is likely to produce a static spark.
  • Implement extra safety protection when flammable and explosive liquids are heated to or above their flash points.

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