Product Tracking Software: An Overview

Product Tracking Software: An Overview

Product tracking software is often defined as a manufacturing solution for suppliers who want to keep their work orders moving on time. These tools are designed to provide regular updates on the manufacturing life cycle so one can stay informed about any changes in the production schedule.

Where could one find the best  Production Tracking Software Brand?

product tracking software

One of the best brands that provide the best services in tracking is Nebcore. It is a brand protection and tracking specialist. They focus on helping companies to prevent issues due to counterfeiting. Their expertise commands to build interlocking intelligent solutions for product authentication, supply chain visibility, and offline-to-online marketing engagement that would prevent lost revenue and drive business growth.

Nebcore works with brand owners, printers, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) partners to ensure products being manufactured and distributed in Asia can be protected in tracked along the entire supply chain. The technology in their anti-counterfeit solutions helps the brand to engage with their customer’s pre and post-purchase regardless of where the product is distributed. What separates them from others is their interlocking solutions approach to tracking and protecting products and their focus on Asia.

What kind of tracking services are provided by Nebcore?

Supply chain visibility is one of the toughest challenges that manufacturers face. This refers to the ability to track manufactured and distributed products along with the supply chain. This includes illegal overruns or pilferage, mainly if there are complex product distribution channels across different regions.

Nebcore helps the manufacturers improve their supply chain visibility by combining their supply chain visibility with software and hardware technologies as part of an interlocking innovative tracking software called the “Asia BrandProtect System.” The solutions and applications included in the system are –

  • Heatmaps of Product Locations along with Supply chain
  • Journey Map of products
  • RFID and NFC devices
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Devices with different Sensors

How do the Trace and Track  Interlocking Solutions Work?

The track and trace solutions utilize software that produces unique product identification codes that could be incorporated seamlessly onto the product packaging or applied as a security seal during production. Distributors, retailers, and consumers are then tasked with verifying the unique identification codes with their smartphones.

Using unique product identification could help disrupt attempts to introduce fake goods to expose counterfeit locations, making it easier to identify the source.
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In addition, verification of the product ID also helps brands to gain insights into industry trends.

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