The importance of data protection audit

auditoría de protección de datos

Data audits can assist your company in tackling important issues, such as security and the accuracy of client data, and reaping rewards by taking on obstacles head-on.

You don’t have to search very far to find high-profile breaches affecting businesses, organizations, and even towns. Data security is a huge problem for firms of all kinds. Teams must have complete faith in their data since analytics are increasingly used to drive business decisions.

It takes more than accuracy to boost your trust in and the quality of your company data. The auditoría de protección de datos may reveal information silos, problems with access, or areas where a more extensive or comprehensive gathering would be useful.

Beyond the requirement to adhere to legal requirements, data auditing is of the utmost importance to everyone in charge of company databases. Although the work of protecting data assets has many facets, one crucial one is making sure that data is only modified in intended ways and that only the right parties have access to it.

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Identify the locations and storage methods for your data:  

Consider your information architecture and operations carefully now that you are aware of who is using your data and how. Do some types of data exist just in one location, but other types exist on other platforms or channels? Is data updated simultaneously when it needs to be updated across numerous locations, or is there a delay for one channel?

Really list the types of information you have, where you have them, and who needs to have access to them. Take note of how frequently data is updated or collected. You ought to have a thorough understanding of your company’s information architecture by the end of this stage.

Look closely at your data and assess its quality:

Even if departments properly share information and your data is kept and updated in a timely manner, you could still experience data quality problems. The ABCs accuracy, breadth, consistency are the three key data values that you should use as a guide while examining your data in the last stage.

Watch out for frequent mistakes, flaws with the formatting or organization, gaps, or methodological issues. You ought to have a thorough knowledge of what’s happening with your data at the end of this stage.

You could need assistance developing automated procedures that audit, flag, or distribute data in standardized formats depending on your objectives. Software for data management, data integration, or data quality may be the best option for your company, depending on your particular needs.

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