Types Of Cast Iron Bollards

cast iron bollards

Most of us are aware of the structures called bollards. These are used on the roadside, in parking areas, around certain buildings or other important structures and at many other places to serve varieties of purposes. Different types of materials are used to manufacture these amazing structures that help in assuring the safety of the people on the road, in parking lanes or in other places. In this respect, bollards made from cast iron stand distinct as these are visually appealing and at the same time highly sturdy. As far as bollards made from cast iron are concerned, these are of different types as discussed below. 

Dockyard Bollards-

These are the most common types of cast iron bollards that are used extensively and widely in the marine industry. The main purpose of using these bollards is to ensure the safety of the vessels such as boats, ships, and so on.
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It is done so that the bollards may act as anchor points and keep the vessels secured to the dockyard and prevent drifting away due to winds, tides or other such factors. It means the vessels remain safe when they are not in use. 

Traffic Bollards-

Again it is a highly popular form of bollards made from cast iron. Most often such bollards can be seen on the roadside or in the middle of the road to manage the traffic. The bollards help in defining the pathway of the traffic so that different types of vehicles may remain in their proper lanes and thus chances of any collisions or accidents may be minimized and in turn ruled out. Such types of bollards are also used in parking areas so that the vehicles may be parked within the set boundary and in a proper manner.

cast iron bollards

Decorative Bollards-

Suggested by the name, these types of bollards made from cast iron are used to enhance the visual appeal of the given place apart from serving other tasks. The decorative bollards are designed and developed elegantly so that these may steal the attention of the onlookers readily.
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Automatically Rising Bollards-

This type of cast iron bollards is used at places where there is the need to control and manage heavy-duty vehicles such as in industries or manufacturing units. These bollards can be controlled by sensors and remote systems. Automated functioning of these bollards helps in making sure that these perform their function well even in the absence of man force.

These are all some of the most common types of bollards made from cast iron being used in different types of industries and at different places for varied purposes. Due to the high strength and durability of these bollards, these serve the ultimate purpose well and hence ensure that the users get the desired results.

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