What did you need to know about Australia’s family visa processing time?

What did you need to know about Australia's family visa processing time?

Visa processing times around the world are updated regularly. They usually provide you with the age of entries submitted in the prior month. Many just-approved applications had been in the pipeline for months, while borders were blocked due to COVID.

These petitions are being finalized as borders reopen and more individuals become eligible for travel. The stated timeframes will represent the age of these older applications once they are finalized. ​The details about the australia family visa processing time are also based on the COVID situation.

The following are the current processing criteria in order of highest priority:

  • Applications for family migration have been thwarted by ministerial intervention.
  • Petitions by a spouse or a dependent child, unless the sponsor or intended sponsor is a permanent visa holder and reached Australia as an unauthorized marine arrival.
  • Unless the sponsor or intended sponsor is a permanent visa holder, applications by orphan relatives reached Australia as an unlawful marine arrival.
  • Applications by a contributing parent or contributory aged parent (save where the sponsor or intended sponsor is a permanent visa holder) entered Australia as an unlawful maritime arrival.

australia family visa processing time

  • Application by a carer unless the sponsor or putative sponsor is a permanent visa holder and reached Australia as an unlawful maritime arrival.
  • Unless the donor or potential sponsor entered Australia as such an illegal maritime arrival and is the bearer of a permanent visa application by a parent, an elderly parent, a remaining relative, or an elderly dependent relative.
  • Applications in which the sponsor or putative sponsor arrived in Australia illegally as a marine arrival and held a permanent visa.

Circumstances that are both compelling and compassionate:

In which you can show compelling and compassionate situations, a Partner or Children or student visa may be prioritized. You must seek priority processing and present proof to support your claims at the visa application center where their application is being handled.

There is no certainty that your request will be given higher priority because other applications may have equally compelling or more sympathetic circumstances. The Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs has released four response times in calendar days. It shows the most current response time for 75% to 90% of applications decided over the period. The time frame is based on the processing of several GSM licenses during the few years.
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This is likely to alter regularly, depending on how the trend has changed.

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