Work Load Of An Employment Agency Hong Kong

Employment Agency

The biggest headache of any company and employer is recruiting the right employees. It sometimes seems impossible to get those employees who have the same ideal as the company and also have the required skills.
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Though every job starts with a training period, it is necessary to have basic skills to get through the training period.
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That is why employment agency hong kong have come up with different steps and processes to recruit only the best employees. Especially when it comes to a long-term relationship with these employees, it is important to go through certain processes to know their motive with the company.

Targeted Candidate Sourcing

Everyone who has just graduated or just lost their job has been waiting for the right job opportunities to snatch them away. But that is also why it is important for recruiting agencies to be careful about the job description being posted and attracting only the right kind of people and resumes.

Targeted candidate sourcing does exactly this as they put up the job description and shortlists based on the resume and the skills mentioned in them. it is important to mention only the skills required for the job description in the resume if you want to land the job.

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Candidate Application Screening

Based on the resume, there is shortlisting done. Apart from that, there are certain applications sent out to these candidates to fill out. Through these application forms and their responses, it is possible to know if their ideal match with the company and if they are looking for a long-term relationship with the company.
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Shortlisting is done again based on these responses. So candidates have to be very careful while filling the form out and giving answers that will make them stand out in the crowd. Only in the right way though, otherwise, it can affect the recruitment process from your end.

On-Going Candidate Management

Getting to know the candidate and proving their skills through interviews is what is included in ongoing candidate management. This is the most important step for a staffing agency as it is the last process before their acceptance or rejection is sent to these candidates. Though a few days can be taken to send the response, it is important to hold the right interview with important questions.

Getting to know about the person and their requirement for the job is important. Only if this is done thoroughly can the company invest in the right employees for their growth.