Education Workshops To Enhance The Creativity Through Inspiration And Knowledge

Education Workshops To Enhance The Creativity Through Inspiration And Knowledge

Are you someone who is out of touch with studying but wants to get back to it?
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Be at the forefront of lifelong learning with design thinking¬†educational workshops in partnership with First Media Design School. Adult education has become increasingly popular in recent years as more Singaporeans find ways to learn new skills applied in the workplace. Or they’re just passionate projects they want to immerse themselves in.

What is Design Thinking? How does it apply?

Design thinking is the process of considering users’ profiles and needs when designing and building products. You may have heard the term used in modern fields like computing and design, but timeless innovators and thinkers have some form of design to create wonders big and small.

Toy makers are no exception! Even the simplest toys, like plush and stuffed animals, are designed for the user. After all, you can’t draw toys for kids like teenagers. As technology advances and society changes, toys also reflect changes in social norms and expectations.

educational workshops

Their unique education workshops will explore four main themes using collectible toys.

  • Art painting culture
  • Fusion art style
  • Visual storytelling
  • Future vision

The Creativity and Personal Expression workshop will show you how to create artwork and messages that reflect Design Thinking principles by creating engaging stories and stories.

Advantages of attending Symposia

Workshops can introduce new ideas and encourage participants to explore them independently. Alternatively, you can explain and moderate the hands-on process. It’s a great way to teach practical skills and provide an opportunity to try new methods and fail in a safe environment.

Why should professionals take master classes?

One of the most valuable experiences a professional can have is attending a seminar. You can learn new things by attending educational workshops, but professionals can also make new connections and connect with like-minded people. They focus on improving your skills through creative thinking, retention, and employability programs. Their partner program kit showcases design thinking principles through the toys and collections of the MINT Toy Museum, recreating multicultural heritage, history, art, and multiculturalism in Singapore and around the world.

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Their educational and cultural programs are aimed at tourists of all ages, including educational tours for children. The museum also offers guided tours and online tours to gain insight into world-class toys, collectibles, and memorabilia.