Which private secondary school in Singapore should you choose?

Which private secondary school in Singapore should you choose?

Even while Singapore’s public schools are well-known for their world-class teaching and competition, the country also has a booming private education system. This is due to the difficulty that immigrants and ex-pats have in enrolling their children in public schools. Waiting lines are lengthy, and Singaporeans and permanent residents are understandably given priority.

Some private secondary schools

private secondary school in singapore

  • International School Nexus Singapore (NISS)

The Nexus International School of Singapore is one of the country’s most prestigious and well-known institutions. It is no surprise that NISS is renowned among expatriate parents, with such remarkable facilities as contemporary science and computer laboratories. NISS is widely regarded as one of the finest private schools and is a fantasy to get into for pupils interested in the IB programme. This is the elite school to enrol in if you want your child to focus on sports. With one of the greatest additional services in Singapore (a gym, swimming pool, and sports field!), pupils are encouraged to participate in athletics from an early age. Other extracurricular activities, such as arts, music, and community service, are also available.

  • International School of One World

One International International School is yet another highly regarded International Baccalaureate (IB) global school that provides elementary and secondary education. The school also provides Cambridge Education programmes and IGCSE credentials and is regarded as one of Singapore’s finest private elementary schools. Their internationally known curricula will ensure that the student will be able to integrate into any other school around the globe if you move in the future. Apart from its educational course, One World provides additional activities to assist students to explore their artistic interests. Students who are artistic or musical can enrol in numerous performance arts classes beginning in elementary school and continuing through secondary school. Physically active students can take advantage of the comprehensive sports activities. Language clubs are available for students who want to learn various languages as part of their CCA (Co-curricular activity).

  • Adventist School of San Yu

The 7th Adventist Mission Singapore founded the school in 1998. In such a short time, the institution has swiftly established itself as an exceptional educational institution. The school is entirely self-sufficient and is part of the 7th Adventist educational system.
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Apart from the core curriculum, the school promotes discipline, spiritual life, and respect for the greater community, which is why, although being a Christian school, it has attracted students of all faiths and backgrounds.

Private secondary school in Singapore are governed by the Private Education Act and must be licensed by the Committee for Private Education (CPE), which guarantees that all requirements are obeyed and a high level of education is maintained. The number of private secondary school in singapore has increased significantly over the past year, and many of them offer the finest quality tuition in a competitive setting.

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