Enjoy extreme fun with Indoor Karting in Sydney

Enjoy extreme fun with Indoor Karting in Sydney

No matter if your adrenaline fix comes from watching too many Fast & Furious movies, searching for a unique weekend activity, or just tearing up the track, go-kart racing has you covered. Put yourself into Daniel Riccardo’s shoes and rip up the track. There are plenty of roads around Sydney where you can drive go-karts at maximum speed. Here are the top places to go karting Sydney.

1 – Hyper Karting:

In Moore Park, there is an unusual 410m-long racing track hidden inside a giant indoor car park, called Hyper Karting. Most of the go karting Sydney tracks are on the outskirts of the city. If you go-karting at night, you will experience some serious Tron vibes at this electric track, which is painted in fluorescent colours and has a dark underground vibe. The electric track has a dark underground vibe and is painted in fluorescent colours, so you might feel like you’re in Tron during the night here.

2 – Entertainment Park E-karting:

The Entertainment Park in Bankstown, NSW, is the ultimate adult playdate destination. There is a bowling alley, a virtual reality arena, an arcade, and an indoor racing car simulator that gets the party started. You can race electric karts around at speeds up to 85 km/h on the indoor E-karting track. This isn’t for the faint-hearted.

sydney go karting

3 – Ultimate Karting Sydney:

Smeaton Grange’s Ultimate Karting Sydney provides some of the widest track surfaces in the country. The venue’s 3745sq/m indoor space allows you to let loose and really let your inner professional out. Whilst wide tracks can offer a little more drifting space for the professional in you or a little extra room to avoid crashing, they do mean a little more dangerous for new drivers. The 450m short track is powered by 270cc Honda engines delivering 9 horsepower. And if you like to race, keep your eye out for UK’s ongoing race series.

4 – Sydney Premier Karting Park:

Having the Sydney Motor Sport Park nearby and all kinds of racing at our disposal, it is unsurprising that our minds automatically converge on all things speed when Eastern Creek is mentioned. Fortunately for those of us in the amateur game, that also means go-karting. A round of the World 500cc Championship, held in Australia every year, was held at Sydney Premier Karting Park in 1996. Today, you can do a hot lap at speeds of 100km/h while riding a Sodi RT8 kart with 13HP and experience an adrenaline rush like no other.

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