All You Need To Know About Durian Vacuum Pack Is Here

All You Need To Know About Durian Vacuum Pack Is Here

Singapore is famous for quite a lot of things, a few of which include its perfumes, the Merlion icon, its cuisine, Marina bay sands, its airport that has gained worldwide recognition, and most of all its iconic fruit – Durian. The people of Singapore are super crazy about this fruit. This fruit is one of the most consumed fruits in Singapore. You cannot find a party that doesn’t have Durian on its platter. However, this fruit stinks to the core. You cannot stand the smell of it, its aroma is so strong that it spread across the entire street it is kept in. Hence, durian vacuum pack to disable its smell while transporting.

Durian and its roots:

durian vacuum pack

Durian is not native to Singapore, rather it is largely imported from Malaysia, the Philippines, the southern part of Thailand, and Indonesia. Yet it bagged the banner of being The National fruit of Singapore. It is also referred to as the “KING OF FRUITS”. The fruit bears flesh that is rich in its consistency and is as soft as cotton candy. Every bite of Durian indulges in as a piece of heaven as it slides through your mouth.

How is Durian consumed?

It can be consumed on various bases, such as the fruit itself or as many locals do by incorporating it into different dishes. Adding this to dishes evokes a unique flavor and contributes to the overall taste of the dish itself. Apart from this, this fruit is also an accompaniment to sugary foods such as ice cream, milkshakes, and even sticky rice. In addition to adding this fruit as an ingredient directly to dishes, in many countries, this fruit is mixed along with different spices which are then further used in cooking many common dishes. Lastly, durian honey is also consumed widely and enjoyed as a delicacy by the locals of Indonesia and Malaysia.
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Durian’s ban in Singapore:

Although this fruit is idolized by the locals, the Singaporean government has instilled bans on the selling of this fruit in public places simply owing to this pungent aroma. Which is unbearable and thus makes it uneasy for people commuting in that region.

Wrapping Up

The boards display “No durian” signs wherever it is prohibited, it’s also deployed by private companies in their radius. Hence, one must be careful while carrying durian across the country.
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 An ideal and most commonly used packing for durian is vacuum packing it. It tends to last for 7 days in this form. It also preserves the quality of the fruit.

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