Characteristics of a good police check to consider

police check to consider

When you consider whether or not to have a police check done on someone, there are some important things to consider. The first thing to know is that police checks are important. For instance, Western Australia police checks need to know who is in the community, and they need to be able to keep track of these people. Good police checks have characteristics such as:

  1. The police check should be done for legitimate reasons, such as potential criminal activity or if you have concerns about the person’s safety.
  2. The quality of the police check should be good, and reputable officers should conduct it.
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  3. The results of the police check should be accurate and reflect what you believe is true.
  4. The police check should be done to protect the information obtained from being disclosed to others.

Characteristics of good police check

Criminal history

Police check criminal history to help with investigations and keep track of criminals. They also use it as a way to identify potential suspects. The criminal history can include arrests, convictions, and other information on crimes committed by the person. Police use this information to help them determine an individual’s guilt or innocence in a crime.
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Civilian work history

Police departments are now checking the work history of civilians who want to work in law enforcement. They are doing this to avoid hiring people with a history of violence or other criminal behavior. Checking a civilian’s work history usually starts with an application and ends with a polygraph test.

police check to consider

Character references

Police departments across the United States are increasingly asking for character references as part of the application process to become a police officer. Officials say that the character reference check is another way to gauge an applicant’s moral fiber and overall worthiness. Applicants are often asked to provide the contact information for people who can speak to their good characters, such as former employers, religious leaders, or teachers.

Educational qualifications

Police departments in many states are now checking the educational qualifications of their officers. In some cases, officers who have not completed high school or college are being let go. Some people feel that this is a step in the right direction, while others feel it is unfair to those who have dedicated their lives to law enforcement.

Final thoughts

Those in favor of the new Western Australia police checks argue that having an officer with a higher level of education can only help the department. They point to studies showing that those with more education are less likely to use force when dealing with civilians and are more likely to be promoted within the department.

Opponents of the policy argue that there are many ways to become an effective officer without having a college degree. They say that officers who have put their lives on the line for their communities should not be punished because they did not have time to get a degree.

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