All you need to know about certified nurses in Singapore?

All you need to know about certified nurses in Singapore?

All you need to know about certified nurses in Singapore?

We have seen so many nurses in our lifetimes. They are vital to assisting a doctor, and a hospital can not practically function without these professionals. But do a certified nurse, and any licensed differ from each other? What does it take to become a certified nurses singapore How can it turn out to be beneficial to one?

What is a certified nurse, after all? All active nurses are licensed in their states. This deems them competent to work in settings within the nurse’s scope of practice. State licensure is required to practice. However, certification is voluntary.  Certified chooses to go the extra step to stand out from their peers and prove they have advanced skills, knowledge, and experience. It requires a lot of studying, working 2000 hours in a specialty area, paying money, and passing an exhaustive national test.

Why should one consider becoming a certified nurse?
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Certification is not a requirement, and the certification takes time and money (to test and maintain if you don’t work for a facility that has this built into their budget); you might be asking yourself, “Why should I get a specialty certification?” Well, there are more reasons to convince you to get a certification.

  1. First off, benefits to the patients play a crucial role. Many studies support the positive effects that specialty certification has on patient outcomes. Nursing certification correlates with lower rates of adverse patient events. For example, patient injuries due to falls, hospital-acquired pressure injuries, and hospital-acquired infections decrease when facilities hire certified nurses. Another particular benefit is the decreased rate of failureto rescue. Failure to rescue is when an otherwise healthy patient is hospitalized and suffers an adverse event. Think about the healthy patient going in for a simple procedure that has a bad outcome. While more in-depth studies are needed, the literature supports the benefits of nurses investing in nursing certification.
  2. Secondly, a certification also becomes super beneficial to the professionals themselves. They acquire a higher level of knowledge, gain whole new confidence, and also help with the advancement of their respective careers.

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certified nurses singapore

What does it take to get a certification as a nurse in Singapore? What does one learn?

To be a certified nurse in Singapore, one must already have an experience in nursing for three years in hospitals, a valid SNB license, valid Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certificate, preferably be a Singaporean or have a permanent resident.

Certification gets you well versed when it comes to the following:

  • Change feeding tube
  • Change urinary catheter (male/ female)
  • Wound dressing and management
  • Removal of stitches and staples
  • Tracheostomy care and suctioning
  • Colostomy care (changing stoma bag)
  • Venepuncture
  • Administration of injections (intravenous / intramuscular / subcutaneous)

So, if you’re already a nurse, this is a sign to get certified.

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