Are Clear Aligners for You? Find Out Here.

Clear Aligners

Metal braces are not for everybody.
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And now that new innovations are introduced when it comes to teeth aligners, many would prefer an option that is more discreet. This is why clear aligners are becoming a huge trend these days. If you want to know if Clear aligners for teeth are also a great option for you, then read on.

No More Metal

When it comes to traditional orthodontic procedures, including braces and retainers, metal parts can be tricky and uncomfortable. What others don’t like about metal braces is that they are quite noticeable when you’re smiling. Invisalign clear aligners on the other hand are made of high-quality plastic. This means you may straighten your teeth without the inconvenience, hassle, pain, and most of all, no more metal in your mouth.

Custom Made For You

Remember, no two aligners are exactly alike, especially when it comes to fitting. Each aligner is uniquely molded and designed for you. To create your custom set of clear aligners, a mold of your mouth and bite is used. This will guarantee that your aligners fit perfectly without the need for metal braces.

Teeth Using Clear Aligners

Easy To Maintain Dental Hygiene

Traditional braces might make brushing and flossing difficult for most people. It can get clogged with food, and the wires and bands can become loose. With clear aligners, dental hygiene is so much easier.  You can take out your clear aligners if you want to brush your teeth. In fact, you can even remove it if you think it gets in the way while eating food that can easily get stuck in between your teeth.

Dental Visits Are Less Frequent

To begin your treatment with clear aligners, you will get a set of trays. You’ll get a new set of aligners about once every two weeks or so, with slight adjustments to the previous set. This means that you don’t have to visit the dentist every time your aligners need adjustments. You’ll only need to go to your dentist once in a while to keep an eye on your development.

Clear Aligners, Is It For You?

As its name suggests, clear aligners are practically unnoticeable to the naked eye. You won’t have to worry about your aligners interfering with your conversation with other people or drawing more attention to yourself. You don’t have to tell anyone you’re straightening your teeth. You can improve your smile at the same time without having the world know about it.

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