What And Why Concerning Cancer – Cancer Awareness

What And Why Concerning Cancer - Cancer Awareness

Numerous individuals suffer from cancer. Cancer is not a rare disease, but it is a frightening one. Therefore, regular check up’s a must.

The following list will educate you on cancer:

Why undergo a skin exam?

Skin cancer is prevalent. It is estimated that by age 70, two out of every three Australians would be diagnosed with skin cancer. Important are early detection and treatment. Currently, there is no skin cancer screening program. If you are concerned that you are at a high risk for developing skin cancer, it is essential to undergo regular skin cancer screenings with a skin cancer specialist or dermatologist.

What should one anticipate?

We want patients to leave with the peace of mind and assurance that they have been fully evaluated by a skilled skin cancer specialist. We aspire to provide a service that is compassionate, accessible, and effective for the early identification and treatment of skin cancer.

What does a skin cancer check involve?

If you schedule a full body skin check, your appointment will consist of a consultation with the doctor followed by an examination of your skin from head to toe utilizing a hand-held instrument called a Dermatoscope. DermEngine Total Body Photography is now offered to aid in the annual monitoring of moles.

Alternately, if you are concerned about a particular location, you can schedule a specific spot check.

On occasion, it is impossible to differentiate between a skin cancer and a noncancerous lesion. In this scenario, we either collect photos to monitor the lesion for future changes or perform a tiny biopsy to diagnose the lesion.

Southbank Medical Centre

What imaging program do we use?

When conducting skin checks at Southgate medical, we use the DermEngine imaging program.
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DermEngine is an intelligent dermatology software powered by artificial intelligence that aids in image monitoring, change detection, and full-body photography.

Regardless of how frequently you visit your doctor, we recommend that you monitor your skin every three to six months.

To prevent skin cancer from developing in the first place, it is essential to practice sun safety.

Disease transmission is inevitable. However, with the medical aid that has been produced, you can avoid the worst-case scenario.

Southbank Medical Centre is the region’s oldest and most distinguished medical practice.

Southgate Medical is an AGPAL-accredited medical practice.

Our passionate and highly experienced medical staff is committed to providing excellent services that focus Continuity and consistency of care, a personalized, holistic approach, and adherence to the highest professional, clinical, and ethical standards.

In addition to general practice, women’s health, men’s health, travel medicine, and skin cancer treatment, Southgate Medical professionals have a wide range of clinical expertise and professional skills.

The Southbank Medical Center provides numerous services, such as Skin Cancer Checks.

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