What type of treatment is Pico Laser for?

Melasma, freckles, solar lentigo, hori’s nevus, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) , and even tattoos can be eliminated with the help of the Pico laser treatment. In order to lighten dark skin areas like the inner thighs and underarms or to smooth out dull skin, pico laser is also used for skin lightening. Additionally, this laser technology encourages collagen formation, which lessens the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and enlarged pores. One trillionth of a second long picosecond laser pulses, or picosecond pulses, are fired by the non-ablative pigment laser known as Pico Laser. As more brief bursts of focused energy are fired per second with the Pico Laser than with conventional nanosecond lasers, less heat is generated on the skin. Your skin will experience reduced sensitivity and downtime as a result.

The photo-acoustic impact of the Pico Laser is also higher (more energy is given), which enables pigments to break down into the smallest feasible bits that your body’s immune system can quickly remove. This may indicate that you’ll want fewer treatments to get rid of obstinate pigmentation. In order to create micro-injuries beneath your skin, Pico Laser employs the MicroLens Array (MLA) handpiece, which concentrates laser energy and delivers microbeams in a fractionated pattern. With minimum downtime and side effects, this promotes natural skin healing and increases collagen and elastin production in skin without affecting skin layers. By minimising acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, stimulating collagen and elastin will aid to improve skin appearance and produce younger-looking skin.

Pico laser treatment

Pico Laser treatment in Singapore :

For the patient’s comfort, numbing cream will be administered to the face before to the procedure. The specialists will utilise various handpieces and settings to treat and carry out the procedure depending on your skin concerns (pigmentation, enlarged pores, dull skin, etc.). While the numbing technique can take up to 30 minutes, the laser operation only takes 10-15 minutes. Without any negative side effects being documented, Pico Laser has FDA approval in Singapore. Your skin issues, such as pigmentation or enlarged pores, will be properly addressed by this laser treatment, and the intensity will be adjusted as necessary.

Following that, you may continue your normal activities, but kindly do not perform these activities :

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