Home Decor Hacks Everyone Should Know

paintings like floral artwork

If you are thinking of redecorating your house then why not choose movie posters or artwork handmade paintings.  This type of wall decor is very convenient, especially when you enjoy watching movies.  You can search within a wide array of collections.  You will be able to find wall posters of your favourite movies.  If you are a sucker for romantic old movies like Casablanca or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you can get movie posters for these almost everywhere.  If you like action movies, you can choose from a variety of action movie posters.  From your favourite actor to your favourite movie, all kinds of posters are available, you just have to choose the right poster for you.

Sometimes, a home, as comfortable as it is already, needs some fixture too.  But how do you fix a house like that?  Just using a few simple hacks so as to speak.  Here are some home decor hacks you should know:

Start with the door:  Making a great first impression is always a good thing.  And the best way to do this is to make the entrance door look stylish and attractive.  A decorated and well painted door that has a ‘welcome’ sign or maybe have the names of the owners printed in nice fonts can grab positive attention.  For example, the colours orange and yellow express warmth and joy.  Avoid the screen door, because it’s not only just an eyesore, but it is also old and outdated.  If you want to go further, add a good mat and a door accessory.

Let your sofa ‘talk’ to your chair:  This is a common strategy that allows you to invite people to sit and talk just like in the hotel lobby and now even at home.  The furniture is decorated in U shape, or & H shape.  In the ‘H shape’ the two armchairs facing each other sit side by side.  A coffee table in the middle.  The U-shaped coffee table is placed in the centre, with two armchairs to its left and right and a sofa in the middle.  All chairs and sofas are facing the coffee table. Do not push the furniture right against the walls: Another piece of furniture tip is not to push the furniture against the wall.  This is what sets the boundaries of the house.  The ‘floating’ furniture gives the idea that the room is much larger.

paintings like floral artwork

Mirror mirror on the wall:  The mirror makes the room look bigger.  They bounce light across the house.  So be sure to have a mirror in each of your room.  Place the mirror on the walls that are vertical to the windows so that they can bounce light back effectively.

Deal with low ceilings: If your home has low ceilings, there are a few tricks you can use to make it look higher and better, less claustrophobic.  One is to hang more curtains than your windows.  The ideal height is about three inches or the exact height before it becomes too short.  Two, use mirrors.  It’s not just magicians who use mirrors for techniques.  Mirrors make a room look bigger, elevating a sloping ceiling.  Another hack is the use of vertical stripes, the lines seem to make your walls look longer. 

Scale a rug using furniture:  Ever seen a living room rug that is out of proportion?  It can either be too big or too small, we can never tell.  To avoid this, make sure all the feet in your living room furniture fits inside the rug.  We are talking about sofa, two arm chairs and coffee table.  If the rug is too big, there will be plenty of extra space.  You want the rug to last up to a few inches from the foot of the paintings like floral artwork.  This creates a ratio that is not only visually great but the edges of the rug are properly tapped so that they are not risky for people walking around.

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