Popular Insurance in Malaysia: Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

With the onset of the pandemic, the value of insurance among the masses skyrocketed as many realize how beneficial such an asset can be. This also led to many people being aware of insurances and their types, causing many to rush to get one to protect themselves and their loved ones from the financial burden of their illness – especially those with critical illnesses.

In such instances, the Critical Illness Insurance Malaysia offers have helped many to tackle the already distressing situation they are facing due to their deteriorating health. In Malaysia Critical Illness Insurance includes plans offering to cover the hefty medical bills and any additional hospitalization bills that may occur due to the worsening health caused by a life-threatening disease.

Critical Illness Insurance

What is a Critical Illness Insurance Plan?

In a nutshell, this is a type of insurance for those who are suffering from a life-threatening disease or have a high chance of suffering from such a disease in their older age – especially if they are genetically more prone to such diseases.
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These diseases include cancer, leukaemia, HIV, diabetes and other heart or neurological conditions.
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With the recent situation led due to the pandemic, the spread of the virus and its unique yet troubling symptoms also led many to take such insurance in case they become victim to the pandemic and leave their family behind with nothing but the financial burdens of the hefty hospitalization bills.

What are the benefits of a Critical Illness Insurance Plan?

Aside from the relief from the hefty medical bills, a critical illness insurance plan also provides additional services like coverage for lab tests and regular medical check-ups as well as other additional care concerning the particular illness.

For an instance, if someone has diabetes then the lab tests for blood sugar level and cholesterol as well as regular medical check-ups for the heart rate and body functions will be covered under such an insurance plan. As for the additional care, diabetic patients may also need dialysis in severe cases, which can also be covered in such insurance plans.

However, no critical illness insurance plans cover all this – it honestly depends on the plan that one chooses.
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Thus, if one is looking for any specific coverage, one would have to consult and decide before choosing such a plan. For this purpose, counselling sessions on behalf of the insurance companycan be arranged as per the need of the customer.


With the times being as uncertain as they are, it becomes important to take precautions to protect ourselves from unknown or uncertain events like critical illnesses. Thus, taking insurance for such an event can protect us from facing the extreme financial consequences of such uncertain events.

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