Choosing a Wedding Necklace 

Wedding Necklace

Traditionally, wedding jewellery only meant two gold wedding bands, consisting one for the bride and the other one for the groom.  However, these days, couples aren’t just getting more daring and bolder with their wedding rings but they are choosing to accessorize their wedding dresses with special wedding jewelleries.

The bridal necklace is a key wedding accessory and a bride has to make sure they get it right because this piece of engagement  jewellery will feature in every wedding photo.  Here are five tips for choosing bridal necklaces.

  1. Matching the necklace with the outfit:

Look out for the details of your wedding dress. Are they in pearls, crystals, beads or diamonds?  Your wedding jewellery should echo and reflect the very theme of your dress so try to get a necklace made with similar materials and patterns.  If you have selected a simple dress, you can get a complex necklace, but if your dress is more detailed, look for a very simple wedding necklace.  If you have a vintage styled dress, look for antique jewellery from the same period and era.  However, a modern dress works best with a necklace having an edgy design.

  1. Jewelleries should not be overdone:

A bride must wear a maximum of two statement pieces of wedding jewellery, so if you are embracing fashion for large chandelier earrings, you may want to skip the necklace altogether or choose something very simple.  If you decide against a wedding necklace, you can always add detailing with a gorgeous bracelet.  If you select an intricate necklace, wear stud earrings and keep your bridal hair accessories to a minimum.
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Wedding Necklace

3.Follow the neckline of your gown:

If you have a strapless dress and lots of skin on the show, you may want to look for a large multi-strand necklace to stop you from looking a bit empty in the neck area.  Neck strings that form a pattern when placed flat against the neck are popular and beads around the neck can also fetch heed.  High or very detailed neckline gowns can work better without a wedding necklace.  If your outfit possess a round shaped neckline, choose a choker style necklace matching with solitaire ring , yet if you have a sweetheart neckline or a V-neck, you can wear a longer pendant.

  1. Try the timeless classic:

If you don’t feel like your wedding day is experimenting with a radical new look, stick to classic wedding necklaces.  A single string of pearls can accentuate a sophisticated but feminine look and a long neckline with a pearl collar with two or three strands can lay emphasis on a long neck perfectly.  Pearls that symbolize marital happiness and prosperity, can always be a good choice.  And a bridal necklace that has timeless appeal is a simple gold or silver chain with diamond pendants.  It can be combined with diamond studs or drop earrings.

  1. Finally, adding some colour:

Bridal necklaces are a popular place to inject some colour into your wedding dress.  Not all female look good in pale colours in bridal shades of white or ivory.
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  A bold-coloured necklace amid the gown and the face can help add the required shades of colour.  Many brides look for sapphires and silver necklaces and use it as their blue colour but another good idea is to match your bridal necklace with the colour of your wedding bouquet.

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