Consider these tips when buying toys for toddlers

When buying toys for 1 year olds, you likely prefer to engage their minds and bodies. You would like it if the child used their toy to keep their mouths and hands occupied for a brief time. Yet, many teachers and parents would want their children’s toys to multitask, teaching the child something worthy while also entertaining them. Parents might be overwhelmed with a lot of baby toys online. There are endless baby toys for a 1-year-old to choose from.

Toddlers are little wanderers, play offers your child a great opportunity to practice and develop new skills by following her unique interests. There is a broad array of toys that have evolved for the toddler market. Playing with toys can give a lot of fun to your kids, yet it’s necessary to remember that safety must always come first. Below are some great ideas for selecting toys that will grow with your child.

Check these tips when buying toys for 1-year-old

Always check the labels to ensure a toy is appropriate for the age of your child. Consider your child’s habits, temperament, and behavior whenever you choose a new toy. Even an advanced child compared to other kids of a similar age must not use toys meant for older kids. The age levels for toys are set on safety factors, not maturity or intelligence.

  • Look out for toys with loose magnets or small batteries

You must be careful about buying toys with small batteries (lithium or button coin) or high-powered magnets. Once they get loose, younger children might be enticed to put in their noses, ears, and mouths which can cause serious injuries.

  • Avoid smaller objects

Avoid coins, marbles, balls, and games with balls that are 4.4 centimeters in diameter or less. Since they can be stuck in the throat above the windpipe and may cause them to have difficulties in breathing.

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  • Look for well-made stuffed toys

You must ensure all the parts are firm, and edges and seams are secure. It must be machine washable, take off any loose strings or ribbons to get rid of strangulation. Avoid toys that have small bean-like stuffing or pellets that may cause suffocation or choking if swallowed.

  • Look for toys that promote your child to be active

Toddlers are doing some kinds of physical tricks as they are more confident and stronger with their bodies. Your role is to be a supportive audience for your little one’s newest playground attainment. Explore the toys that aid your child practice recent physical skills and promote new ones.

  • Discover some toys that can be used in a lot of ways

Choose toys that are open-ended so that your child can enjoy playing various games. Toys like this spark your child’s imagination and support them develop logical thinking skills.

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