How to Choose the Right Dog Toy for Your Pet

For our furry friends, toys are not mere luxury but more of a necessity. Toys are essential for the well-being of a dog. Toys help dogs fight off boredom when the dog is left at home. They can also provide dogs comfort once they become nervous. Toys are also instrumental in preventing the dog from incurring behavioral problems. Cats tend to be picky when it comes to toys. Dogs, on the other hand, would love to play with anything they can get their paws on. When you buy dog toys online, you have to be mindful about the features to look for.

Ensure safety

A lot of factors can affect the safety of a dog toy. Most of them depend on the size, preferences, and activity levels of the dog. Another factor to consider is the environment where the dog often stays. It is critical to remember that the things that dogs are most attracted to are the most dangerous. This is why you must dog-proof the home by taking away rubber bands, strings, ribbons, children’s toys, pantyhose, as well as other edible things that can be swallowed.

Choose the perfect toy size

Make sure that you give your dogs toys that are in their appropriate sizes. Balls must be large enough to carry, but they must not be too small. Balls and other toys may end up lodged in your dog’s throat. Avoid, replace, or alter toys that are not dog-proof.

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Active dog toys for for high-energy dogs

For pets that are high energy, very hard rubber toys are a great match. You may choose from a wide range of sizes and shapes when you buy dog toys online. Dog toys are fun to chew and carry around with you. Rope toys are great for those who like to play catch. Tennis balls would make good dog toys, but be alert about anything that could be chewed through.

Smart dogs love treats and puzzle dog toys

Dog treats are often filled with broken-up treats as well as peanut butter. A dog treat in the right size can keep a dog busy for hours. The dog has to chew relentlessly until it gets to the treat in small chunks. You have to ask the vet if your dog is okay to consume peanut butter.

Puzzle dog toys are great for super smart dogs and those that are easily bored. Puzzle toys are often kept within compartments, and the dog has to find out how to access them. Such toys are offered in a variety of skill levels. When your dog figures out a level, move on to the next higher level with much harder skills.

Remember that soft stuffed toys may work great on dogs, but they may not be appropriate for all dogs.

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