What is the specialty of Gyuto Knife?

gyuto knife

Just like an artist chooses different paint brushes, a writer chooses his best pen, and a mechanic chooses its own tools, A chef chooses his knives.
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Knives play a very important role in making food, and every chef has their own set of knives which they are comfortable with.  If we talk about the different types of knives that are available in the market, you would see various types, that have various handles, different shapes and sizes, and different uses. Not every knife can used to cut vegetables, and you cannot use the knife that is used to cut vegetables, to cut meat and bone. But, if we talk about a chef, there are a lot of things that you need to know. Chefs sometimes do not use different types of knives, but they have a special knife that is very dear to them. These knives are used for everything in the kitchen, and they are set to be chef’s favorite.
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Gyuto Knives are one example of a chef’s favorite.

gyuto knife

Where does Gyuto Knife comes from?

Gyuto Knife are traditionally made in Japan. They are usually famous by the name of Japanese knives. It is made by a master artisan, and that’s why they are razor sharp. These are very famous across the world, and even famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay uses them frequently. These knives have a very beautiful design on them, and they are said to even slice the bone thinly. A gyuto knife is made by special bladesmiths that have been making knives for more than 10 years. If you want to select a Gyuto Knife for your kitchen, then you have picked the right choice.

There are Western chef knives that are available in the market, but they don’t usually last that long. It is even said to be traditional, as they are handed over through generations. There are professionals who are trained for at least 5 years before they can make their own and sell it. The process of making of a Gyuto Knife is very delicate, and the knives remain sharp no matter what.

The designs that are present on the Gyuto Knife helps to cut easily through different vegetables and meat pieces. If you cut a vegetable, let’s say a tomato, you would see that the slices of the tomatoes sticks to your knife. This is very too much time consuming for chefs. This is where the Gyuto Knife work well, as the food doesn’t stick because of of the Damascus pattern.

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