Boat Quay’s Italian Restaurant – Dine by that of the Singapore River

Boat Quay's Italian Restaurant - Dine by that of the Singapore River

With the popularity of our Bukit Timah location, we decided to expand our restaurant to other areas of The City to match the demand for outstanding Italian food. There is no doubt that the affection of our patrons who traveled from all across boat quay restaurants to enjoy authentic Italian flavors in the West made us feel honored.

There are numerous boat quay restaurants and eateries along the Singapore River; therefore, to make their tastes more accessible, we established a tiny outlet in Boat Quay amid the various restaurants. As described by our frequent customers, one of the most excellent Italian restaurants in Boat Quay is now serving delicious Italian fare.

Boat Quay’s Flavorful Gem Among the Riverside Restaurants

Indulge in a meal that takes you through the history of Italian cuisine at Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore. For those searching for a cozy Italian supper spot at Boat Dock among the hordes of eateries along the Singapore River, Pasta Fresca’s choice of decadent pasta feasts will tantalize the taste senses. Tortellini, gnocchi, and tagliatelle are just some of the Italian-inspired pasta that guests may make with our selection of fresh ingredients.

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With 16 varieties of noodles and 21 sauces to choose from, you may create a unique dish for your family or eat it all to yourself! Visit this page to see what we have to offer in terms of pasta. Make your way over to the restaurant at Boat Quay, in the heart of Singapore’s city center, to sample some of our most excellent pizzas! Classics like Marinara, Capricciosa, Napoletana, and wine are ideal for this occasion. Take a look at our selection of pizzas right here. There are several vegetarian eateries within a short distance for those who don’t want to eat animal products.

The Boat Quay Restaurant in the Area of Singapore is the Perfect Place to Enjoy a Delicious Italian Meal

Because of this, we are thrilled to offer our authentic Italian cuisine to Boat Quay, where it will be more readily available to our loyal Singaporean customers. For additional information, please get in touch with us. At our Boat Quay location, we also offer private dining & Italian restaurant catering.


Visit the restaurant in Boat Quay, in the heart of Singapore’s city center, to enjoy some of our best pizzas! Wine and classics like Marinara, Capricciosa and Napoletana are appropriate for this occasion. Take a peek at our pizza menu right here. There are various vegetarian restaurants around for individuals who do not wish to consume animal products.