Great advantages of considering a used car to purchase

used car to purchase

Buying ahondafresnoover a new vehicle is a fantastic option for many drivers who are planning to buy one. Although new cars are usually easier to finance and come with advanced safety and tech features. Yet, whatever way you pursue to look at it, buying a new car is not a sound financial decision. Whether you’re into new ones or used cars, each group has its shortcomings and benefits. To aid you to understand, below are some of the top reasons why you have to consider buying used cars instead of checking car ads for new cars.

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Top reasons why you must consider buying a used car


  • Less vehicle depreciation
  • Vehicle depreciation is inevitable, yet a used vehicle provides much less depreciation compared to a brand-new one. New cars usually depreciate by about 20% when driven off the lot. And cars mostly lose another 10% value during the first year, it will be a loss in value of 30% during the early year of ownership. At the same time, a used vehicle depreciates at a slower rate than a new car. Brand-new vehicle depreciates the time they leave the lot.
  • Cost-friendly
  • You maybe know that used cars in phoenix are more affordable than buying a new car. Buying a used vehicle than having a brand-new one can save you huge bucks in many ways. While paying a much lower price for the same car model you are dreaming of is the most obvious reason why you must consider buying a used car. Below-average prices for pre-owned vehicles also give a better chance of being able to pay for what you purchase in cash or making a bigger down payment. You also get a better-spec model than you could afford new.
  • More variations to choose
  • A new car model is released every year and although there is a lot to choose from, there is less variety of available new cars than used cars. Buying new means that you are restricted to models that have been released in a couple of years. Yet, buying a used car allows you to browse a more extensive spectrum of vehicle models that comprises older vehicles.
  • Insurance rates
  • Insurance rates like financing will be affected by the age of a car, yet the used vehicles in this case tend to be less costly. Pre-purchase research will rescue you from insurance sticker shock, regardless of the car you pick.
  • Worry less about slight damages
  • Purchasing a used car lets you agonize less about damages and dents that are not crucial. There’s great excitement in driving a brand-new car, yet it’s stressful mentally when you need to worry about the little dings and dents that may occur.
  • Lower dealership fees
  • Just as insurance differs by ZIP code, the anticipated fees that come with a used car are not made equal across different states. Yet, they are much less expensive than the fees of a new vehicle since in the first place, the cost of the car is lower.

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