Ensuring Compliance And Safety In Warehouse Architect

warehouse architect

Building warehouses and distribution centers is not a magic process. There is a need to ensure that the warehouse becomes an efficient “clean room” where nothing can enter that could potentially contaminate the food or harm anyone in the building. There is also a need to ensure that the warehouse architect is safe for its employees working in it. Here are tips for ensuring compliance and safety of warehouses and distribution centers.

Ensure that the building and design meet industry standards

The needs of a warehouse vary from one business to another, but the basic rules of designing a warehouse are universal. The first step in making sure that your warehouse is built according to best practices is to make sure that you have consulted industry standards.

Ensure good ventilation, lighting and drainage

While natural light coming through windows is important, there are overhead lights for safety reasons and for disinfecting purposes. There should be good ventilation for both cold air and hot air. There should also be adequate drainage of water.

Ensure a clear emergency plan, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers

A warehouse is at its most vulnerable during power outages. A clear plan for the evacuation of personnel, for the working of equipment and for the extinguishing of any fires that may occur should be part of everyone’s safety plan.

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Ensure safe storage containers used to carry food

A trustworthy company that offers food storage containers will ensure that they are hygienic, durable and very easy to clean. A customer’s safety and food safety are worth the cost of a trusted food container.

Ensure that the building meets noise regulations

Light, air and any other sound that comes from outside should not disturb employees in the work place. Noise should be managed by having appropriate sound proofing techniques in place.

Ensure that employees have weekly training

To ensure that all employees understand the importance of cleanliness and safety, they should be trained on the policies and procedures in place. A weekly or monthly training ensures that they are up to date.

Use food packaging machinery from an established company

There is a need for very specific machinery to be used when dealing with food packaging in an industrial scale. Ensure that you partner with a company that has a lot of experience in this area.

Ensure that food handling containers are cleaned and disinfected after every use

Containers should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the growth of bacteria that could affect the food.

Ensure that there are no pests

Nothing is worse than a warehouse with rodent or pest infestations. When choosing a warehouse, make sure that it is bug-free and safe.