New Affordable Real Estate Developments

Real Estate Development

If the booming real estate market in your city has you considering a change, take a look at these new affordable developments in nearby towns before committing. The closer you look, the more you’ll see that these properties are not just worth checking out – they’re good values! With newer homes and less wear-and-tear, this is an excellent opportunity to get into an up-and-coming area with more reasonable prices.

The latest development we wanted to show off was built about 20 minutes from town and is one of the few new developments that offer detached living. With about 3500 square feet of living space and four bedrooms, this home is bigger than most newly developed homes and offers a double-car garage. While this property may not come with the hefty price tag of some other new developments in town, there’s no sacrifice on space. This means there’s no home overcrowding or noise pollution from neighboring homes, which makes for easy living.

Some new developments have higher prices per square foot, but their lower home values are more than made up for because you’ll have more room in your home, and your neighbors will be far away. The new homes in this area are an excellent investment because they’re conveniently close to town but far enough away to keep prices affordable.

Great Real Estate Developer

Finding a new home that’s larger than most of the houses in your area is just part of what makes these developments so popular. They’re also near retail and dining, which gives you plenty to do once you’re home. More restaurants and shopping options mean you won’t need to go too far for entertainment, plus there are plenty of options for those who want to feel like they’ve hit the big time even if their bank book could be better.

In addition to great shopping, the continuum development features a community center with a heated swimming pool that’s perfect for summertime splashing. Several parks are nearby as well, giving you even more activities from which to choose. While you’re at the pool, plan to stop by the poolside grill – this is one of the only new developments in town offering restaurant-quality grilling. The outdoor grilling area has several gas grills and a large gathering area where you can gather with friends, family, or co-workers as you cook up a great barbecue.

If you’re looking to invest in a new home but want to save money, this development may be what you’re looking for.

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