Critical Illness Insurance

Popular Insurance in Malaysia: Critical Illness Insurance

With the onset of the pandemic, the value of insurance among the masses skyrocketed as many realize how beneficial such an asset can be. This also led to many people being aware... Read more »
What insurance do ex-pats need?

What insurance do ex-pats need?

Longer foreign stays are in a globalized world for more and more people everyday occurrences. There are many reasons for this: Young people decide on a work & travel year before studying... Read more »
Business Insurance By City Directory

What is Business Insurance By City Directory? A complete guide

Business protection inclusion shields organizations from misfortunes due to occasions that will happen during the standard course of business. There are numerous kinds of protection for organizations including inclusion for property harm,... Read more »

All About Hospital Insurance Plan- An Asset For Life

Hospital insurance Plan, A facility in the insurance list that covers the individual’s medical expenses if he/she met with a major accident or suffering from chronic diseases like Brain tumour, Cancer, and... Read more »

13 Questions to Ask a Commercial Insurance Agent Before Hiring

Do you need to hire a commercial insurance agent for your business? As a business owner, you know having insurance is essential. You need business insurance to protect your company from lawsuits,... Read more »

Why Is Health Insurance Important for You and Your Family?

Planning for ‘what ifs’ comes across as an oxymoron. How do you plan for the unexpected if it’s actually unexpected? The solution is simple, plan for the knowns and use what you... Read more »
The Pros and Cons of Group Health Insurance

The Pros and Cons of Group Health Insurance

As evident from the name, group health provides health care coverage not to an individual but to a group of people. Often, it is provided by an employer of a company or... Read more »
Are You a Practicing Surgeon Try This Insurance

Are You a Practicing Surgeon? Try This Insurance

In the medical realm, surgeons bare a mountain of responsibly. A slight mistake could cost a surgeon a lot of money. While mistakes and accidents are bound to happen during delicate surgical... Read more »